Monday, April 30, 2012

best lollipops ever!

all of you faithful readers (all 7 of you...) must go buy these lollipops from this charming candy right now. they are so amazing and come in flavours like black pepper melon and nutmeg cream and vanilla-cardamom. right now i'm lolly-ing on a hazelnut coffee and also tried their honey-jasmine and i am in heaven!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

sea foam all over

i can't get enough of this colour. i'm addicted. i mean it started innocently enough with a stand mixer. but now it's a full blown obsession. i want to paint every room in my house a different shade...i mean the floors, the ceiling everything...

talk about inspiration..

between these two kitchens i'm in heaven...
exposed brick
bead board
milk glass
vintage tins

what a lovely cover
so vibrant and cheerful

i love it as an addition to an all white bathroom
and i bought a basket much like that one
this weekend...
(more to come later..)

heck you can even wear it if you really want...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

words of wisdom

when you fail, you learn

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

sometimes michael's is great

i don't go into michael's very often because i find their prices a little rich for my blood. they do have great coupons...i'll give them that. and this wonderful section near the checkouts where everything is like a buck fifty. amazing. here is some of the cool stuff i got this week...

what a haul and all for about $20

usually cupcake wrappers are expensive, especially printed ones like these
(i was drawn to some beautiful martha stewart pastel numbers but at $8
for 25, i couldn't justify would literally be money in the garbage...)
these are totally cool though with a really fun circus theme

not that i write any recipes down or anything
but i thought they might come in handy if i wanted to share one
with somebody

these are my favourite!
if only they were sticky...they'd be just that much better!!
it brightens my day to jot a little note on a slice...

no more boring pencils for me!!

 i have a thing for kraft paper...
and these pads have a perforation at the top!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

this week on pinterest

my life because of my lack of attention span

the charm i want my home to have

this clock because it is red and oval
(and tiny)

because this broach would make any shirt happy

everything would look amazing on these shelves

who? me?

why is pink such an amazing colour?

doesn't this make you want to get up really early and like run through a field or some shit
not too early though...

what i attempted to make 
but put too much salt into
at least the dog liked them...

what i'm going to make

what i hope i look like while listening to music
or basically doing anything...


zack morris duckface

Monday, April 23, 2012

note to self

don't plan a weekly blogging event during exam week...never enough time...i'm really sorry but i won't be able to finish (or even begin, really...) my mad men week idea...i just don't have time to gather everything between exams last week and summer school starting next week! i do promise to write what i can over the next month...i have some great ideas and some new stuff (which hopefully means i'll be posting more than once a day!) xoxo

Sunday, April 22, 2012

mad men week

i admit, when i first checked out this show, i was unimpressed. a few months later, netflix got the first four seasons. i think i watched them all in like a week. (i honestly can't even listen to the theme song anymore because it felt like i was listing to it on repeat. i cringe slightly every time i hear those opening chords...but i'm such a masochist that i plug thorough it just to watch the show sunday nights...) i'm hooked! i love everything about it. the furniture. the clothes. the hair. the constant smoking and drinking. the sexism. by the time i'm finished watching an episode i want a smoke, a drink and often a shower...

two words: don draper. 

ooo...the scowl. swoon. i just lost my train of thought...

watching the show has made me realize how much i love the 1960's. i had never noticed how much it influenced my life; the music i love, the way i dress and how i decorate my home. i've always known that i'm a bit of a hippie, however this show has opened my eyes to a totally different side of the decade. this week i will dedicate my blog to the wonderfulness that is mad men and the 1960's. i hope you enjoy!!

and as a perfect 1960's hostess, i'm going to start this week off by setting the mood. here are some inspiring songs from the show as well as my favourites spanning the decade. this was such a tough task, so i just went with the choice hits of the decade with a few of my favourites thrown in to spice things up. i just love hearing the change form the first few years, reminiscent of the easy rock and roll of the 50's and even the swing and big bang from the 40's, to the fresh new sounds of progressive rock, funk, and soul with the soft vibe of folk weaving in and out of the fringes. check out my playlist on grooveshark. (by clicking on the words in the last sentence...)

Friday, April 20, 2012

that'll teach you to snowball...

have you ever had one of these?

this might be the best dessert ever created...
combine pink, coconut, marshmallow, chocolate cake and a gooey cream filling...

the snowball.
mans greatest achievement.
and what happens when you mix these yummy morsels with an episode of glee?
let's just say...i'm overwhelmed

who could say no to this?

(on a side note...i wanna be a food photographer now...)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

books not boobs

words of wisdom...
smart girls are totally sexier...

however in my case
i have both...
just sayin'

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i love libraries!

one of my dreams in life (the others will surely be put on here at sometime or another...) is to have a library. i just want a room where the walls are covered by bookshelves. and maybe a fireplace... and a desk. i've hit a bit of a roadblock however. i've recently found the kindle and kobo apps on my iPad, which make getting a book sooo super easy. i mean, i bought stephen king's 11/22/63 at midnight the day it came out and started reading it that second. (technology blows my freaking mind...) this has slowed down my rate of consumption of tangible books. and it's funny because i don't know why i do this. i love the feeling of opening a new book. being careful not to bend the spine. and slowly, the pages in my right hand grow smaller. i love seeing the books all lined up on a shelf; those books that have been treasured many times looking a little worse for wear. (i even have my first copy of the stand in a shadow box, the pages all jagged and worn on the's practically falling i've retired it to a place of honour on my bedside table.) i wish you could buy a book with the option to also download a digital copy. i'd pay a few extra dollars for that luxury because i love the convenience of digital books and magazines. that way i can carry around all the books i'm reading compactly on my iPad to peruse at my leisure. i don't know where i was headed with this...sometimes when i talk about books, i can talk for are some examples of my dream library...

what a great use of space!

i basically just like the roundness of this room

gasp! secret door...also full of books

who has ceilings this tall?
i am so jealous...

in my house i only want spiral staircases

i'm afraid to do this because i don't want to
break up series

neat and tidy

i would also take a hallway full of books...

you don't need a lot of space to have a library

i'd sit in either of those cozy chairs
just put a cuppa on that side table for me...

if you wanna check out some more libraries i love and other book related things, check out my pinterest board...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sew psyched

i've been off a lot recently...
which is good for my nails because
now i can keep them painted
i have never used a better polish than 
i love this shit!
it never chips...
i cleaned the whole house, washed dishes...

Monday, April 16, 2012

help me!!...

okay, so my dress has arrived (and it fits like a glove, thank goodness, because online shopping scares me when it comes to sizes and returns...) and today i ordered mr. brack a beautiful grey blazer from (on sale a-thank you) and a real cute pink spring-y tie from etsy ('is it pink?...cos i'm not wearing pink!').

minus the black jeans...the shirt is cute though

cute, vintage, seersucker...from brooklyn frock on etsy
(the picture is a link...)

i don't want us to be that couple that's all match-y match-y (which is what i'm afraid we're going to look like) but more of a cohesive look that 'goes' now you have to help me pick out shoes to go with my dress...

hello, sweetie...

first, the pinks...

these look fun and a little glitzy...
and like they'd hurt my feet all night

i love this rosy shade and the vintage look

these are just so prim and proper
i'm afraid they might be a little to casual

fun and casual and not too high!
and i love the coral

a fun pop of hot pink and coral
maybe too casual?

i think these would be very chic 
and the shade of pink wouldn't be too overpowering

i had to include these because they're so much fun 
and i love the bow detail

contrast with a little teal...

and they come in aqua! heart

casual yet funky in this beautiful shabby teal

cute contrast in cerulean blue
bonus: i already own these

and then neutrals...

i kinda really like these!!
they're really simple and cute
and i don't think they'd take away from the dress

these might be too casual
but the pink flowers are cute and flirty...

so there are the candidates...i don't know...i have my favourites, but i wanna know yours!! let me know in the comments or send me some links if you have a better idea! can't wait!!!