Thursday, November 04, 2010


just a subtle hint to my loyal reader and darling beyonce, mr. brack. i saw this mug at starbucks this afternoon and now i want them really bad i took a picture of it on my phone so i could post here on my blog!

so pretty! and they're really big!
only $9.95 each
but i need four of them...cough

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

so long fall...

i'm sad. i had to wear my winter jacket this week. and i've heard of snow flying around a little too close to home. so so long's been nice knowing you...xoxo

my street!
with creepy fall storm clouds!

no comment...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

benev run!

today i took a lovely trip to grimsby with mel! we got coffee and did some thrift shopping! between the two of us we maybe spent $50 and we got some great shit! i think this might be my best score ever!

a new lamp!
i had to replace the blue one that exploded in my face!
but then this one was too tall
for my dresser.
so i moved the pretty rose lamp into 
my bedroom...lovely!

i couldn't resist this gem from the
bibles for missions in
(<3 mr. brack)

a new side table for 5 bucks!
i think you're supposed to hang it on the wall
but i think it's cute here!

it a princess phone!
made in 1957...

and it's rotary!


now all i need is that turntable and i'm officially a hipster! woot woot!