Wednesday, April 25, 2012

sometimes michael's is great

i don't go into michael's very often because i find their prices a little rich for my blood. they do have great coupons...i'll give them that. and this wonderful section near the checkouts where everything is like a buck fifty. amazing. here is some of the cool stuff i got this week...

what a haul and all for about $20

usually cupcake wrappers are expensive, especially printed ones like these
(i was drawn to some beautiful martha stewart pastel numbers but at $8
for 25, i couldn't justify would literally be money in the garbage...)
these are totally cool though with a really fun circus theme

not that i write any recipes down or anything
but i thought they might come in handy if i wanted to share one
with somebody

these are my favourite!
if only they were sticky...they'd be just that much better!!
it brightens my day to jot a little note on a slice...

no more boring pencils for me!!

 i have a thing for kraft paper...
and these pads have a perforation at the top!

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