Sunday, April 22, 2012

mad men week

i admit, when i first checked out this show, i was unimpressed. a few months later, netflix got the first four seasons. i think i watched them all in like a week. (i honestly can't even listen to the theme song anymore because it felt like i was listing to it on repeat. i cringe slightly every time i hear those opening chords...but i'm such a masochist that i plug thorough it just to watch the show sunday nights...) i'm hooked! i love everything about it. the furniture. the clothes. the hair. the constant smoking and drinking. the sexism. by the time i'm finished watching an episode i want a smoke, a drink and often a shower...

two words: don draper. 

ooo...the scowl. swoon. i just lost my train of thought...

watching the show has made me realize how much i love the 1960's. i had never noticed how much it influenced my life; the music i love, the way i dress and how i decorate my home. i've always known that i'm a bit of a hippie, however this show has opened my eyes to a totally different side of the decade. this week i will dedicate my blog to the wonderfulness that is mad men and the 1960's. i hope you enjoy!!

and as a perfect 1960's hostess, i'm going to start this week off by setting the mood. here are some inspiring songs from the show as well as my favourites spanning the decade. this was such a tough task, so i just went with the choice hits of the decade with a few of my favourites thrown in to spice things up. i just love hearing the change form the first few years, reminiscent of the easy rock and roll of the 50's and even the swing and big bang from the 40's, to the fresh new sounds of progressive rock, funk, and soul with the soft vibe of folk weaving in and out of the fringes. check out my playlist on grooveshark. (by clicking on the words in the last sentence...)

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