Thursday, January 19, 2012

my husband is the best!

since we've been together, because of his work, we haven't spent a valentines day together...not that i think thats a big deal, because valentines day can be kinda cheesy (but i do think it is a totally cute holiday, especially for kids...i even buy valentines day cards to give out at work...i'm a sap at heart really...). ever the gentleman that he is, i receive a nice big bouquet from him (even when he was overseas..). but this year, he topped the lot, let me tell you... i am now the proud owner of my very own TARDIS usb hub!! ah! i'm so excited, it's ridiculous. commence photo shoot...

how freaking cute!!!

when you plug something in, it lights up!

when you press the sign, this happens!!...

(please excuse my horrible videoing skills...)
ah! so amazing! 
best valentines day gift ever!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

mr. used

my friend mel dawe told me about this amazing place in hamilton called mr. used. so, when my mom, grandma and i planned at trip to ikea (<3) we also decided to check this place out (since it was on the way...). let me just say this: i died and went to heaven! it's like a million yard sales all jammed into a 70 000 square foot warehouse. and it's all nicely categorized. kinda like ikea but with used shit. there are even arrows on the floor because you will get lost. it was a blast and i'm definitely going to make a trip back when i have a house...

a whole room of chairs!
here are a few that just need some tlc!

a beautiful sofa...
even the fabric was in good condition

i was very tempted to buy a banjo...

vintage toaster


tones of old appliances

and vending machines


just incase you wanna check it out...
barton st east in hamilton...
just search mr. used!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

golden grahams is the best cereal ever

i just ate a whole box in 2 days. no joke. i even ate them dry once because i had to drive to work and i thought that eating a bowl of cereal would be dangerous considering we had just been blessed with a foot of snow thus causing everyone else to drive like an old man with a hat...(blinkers on, doing about 20 kms [in the fast lane, sigh], stopping way too early etc). even the milk is amazing. and the recipe on the back of the box for indoor smores! genius! four stars, ten outta ten, two thumbs up. and that is my review of golden grams cereal.

i couldn't even keep it in the bowl long enough to take a picture...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

thrifting tuesday

today i travelled to the lovely city of port colborne for a little thrift therapy! i did pretty well, nothing crazy exciting but not too shabby...

here's my haul:
lots of records
a teacup
& a green bottle...

for all of my bitters 

a beautiful teacup from paragon
on the cup is a list of gifts for each year 
i can't wait for my cotton gift...
(q-tips, bed sheets, a nice sweater...who knows?!?!) 

rumours! for $1! never opened! winner!

(ps. what a fox)

common, SLB, you're wonderful!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

hey girl

(check out that link!)

also i'm chalkboard painting my fridge!
woot woot!
stay tuned!

Monday, January 09, 2012

thirfting thursday!

i am very proud of myself. this thursday i went to 6 thrift stores! i made out like a bandit too...not only was i able to get some cheap gas while in the grimsb, i also scored another babs album! don't hate the player...

my new globe, for mr. brack's dresser...

('why do you have to put your stuff on my dresser,' says mr. brack.
because i don't have any room left on mine, thats why...)

i was so excited i didn't even take of the 25 cent sticker...

i already have this green glass bowl.
it sits on my coffee table being all pretty filled with pinecones...
however, i've already broken it once, so i figured i'd
cover my odds...

and three new albums
$1 each!

some pretty green glass!
i have never seen one like this...
and my lemons that fell off my lemon tree
which i think is dying...

i've started to collect these paintings from the 70's
i just love them and at $8 they're a steal!

with the globe on mr. brack's desk

6 thrift stores, $40, and one afternoon! not too bad! i can't wait till tuesday when i journey down to port colborne for some more thrifting therapy!

Thursday, January 05, 2012


from the Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego, it is considered the world's most succinct word and the hardest to translate.

it means: a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other will initiate something that both desire but that neither wants to start...

this is an amazing word...i just love the idea of it...

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

i can't believe that just happened...

i'd like to start this post by thanking the awesome people at kitchen aid for packing their products so well. otherwise this story would have a horrible ending (imagine me in the bay, on my knees ripping my shirt open in agony a la stanley in streetcar named desire...)


a while back, i ordered my coveted stand mix from the bay with the gift cards we received at our wedding. i was very excited, so you can only understand the pure joy i felt this morning when they called me to say it had come in! i was so thrilled i danced every time i told someone about it! i rushed over to the big mall ( <3 kimmie) as soon as i was done work to pick up my precious... and even as i was walking toward the escalator i knew it was going to be a challenge. you know when you can see something happening and time starts to slow down and all you can do it gape in disbelief (or in my case yell in utter astonishment...)? this was my line of thinking... set the box on the escalator step and follow it down to the would have been nice if it had worked out that way... instead it caught the lip of the next stair and went sailing ass over tea kettle down the escalator, narrowly missing an old lady (i yelled something at her like OMG PLEASE WATCH OUT!). as i reached the bottom and knelt over my mangled box surrounded by obnoxious middle class women who have nothing better to do with their afternoon than tell me asinine cliches, ('at least you're ok' to which i replied 'i would have rather it was me that fell down the excavator, i can heal...')i prayed that everything was ok. when i opened the box everything was still neatly in place, so i hauled ass outta there and called my mom. first she gasped then she laughed at me (thanks mommy!). long story short, thanks to cora for the marble slab gift card which came in handy today!

also, the stand mixer works fine! i tried out all the bells and whistles when i got home. and that sucker is made of cast-iron or some shit, so i'm just surprised it didn't break the escalator...

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

the brick.a.brack's take new york...

mr. brack and i recently took a mini honeymoon to nyc. we we're going to go somewhere warm, but for some strange reason i like doing 'stuff' on my vacations (and always comment that i need to take a vacation after my vacation in order to relax...i do this to myself...). let me start off by saying that i am NOT A GOOD FLYER. at all. you can ask mr. brack; i cried when we hit turbulence and offered to not only pay for a rental car but to drive the whole 8 hours didn't help that our plane was a glorified bus with propellers (and two spanish families that kept yelling at their toddlers, in spanish..their names were Martin and Sebastian [it sounds funnier when said out loud, so just ask me to do my impression when you see me, i'll happily oblige..], which prompted me to call mr. brack esteban all week...hilarious!)

this one is for the ladies at work...
it is possible to put 1000 sugar packs in a bowl...

mr. brack in times square

times square station
pretty mosaics in the dirtiest place in the world...

ah, the seventies...

it was super foggy the day we went to liberty and ellis island...
you couldn't see the statue of liberty from battery park...
this is the sky line...pretty creepy and fantastic!

hey girl!
of course they were doing work on lady liberty,
but it takes a lot for a 126 year old woman to look this good..

thanks to the lovely irish couple for taking our picture

i love these things!

don't judge me...there'll be more...


at ellis island...just a taste of the paraphernalia from a more simple time... 

(and on a whovian note, looks like the face of boe, what?!?!)

so foggy at the top of the empire state building!
(mr. brack isn't afraid of anything, and even he said his palms were sweating...)

how cute are we?


esb from the ground

top of the rock


strawberry fields...i hated how touristy i felt taking this picture!

best pizza ever at grimaldi's under the brooklyn bridge

this highlight of my trip!
walking the brooklyn bridge!
just amazing!


5th ave branch of the public library

man with a cat on his head

mr. brack at grand central terminal

and so concludes our tour of new york city! it's such a big place, we could go back 50 times and still not see all of it!