Thursday, June 10, 2010

best nurse ever...

last night i was in the emerge till 530 this morning...when i came home, marley turned into the biggest suck dog ever and hasn't left my side yet...shucks, i'm one lucky girl...

Friday, June 04, 2010

stevie wonder

although this is also a nickname for my wonderful boyfriend (who reads my blog faithfully and gave me shit for not posting in a week!...) i'm actually talking about the artist. the other day i was in the dumps, driving to my friends house to watch glee. i was just so sick of being blue that i needed something to cheer me up. that's when my iPod started rocking out some stevie wonder. a little uptight (everything's alright) and it was. so, here is my stevie wonder playlist...theres a little for groovin', and a little for lovin'...xo

for groovin':

higher ground


i wish

i was made to love her

uptight (everything's alright)

for lovin':


knickknacks, baubles, trinkets or kitsch

or just simply wonderful...

my fave blog

as i've previously said i am a nester! when i first began nesting i didn't know what it was called. then i watched juno. and i found out that when women are getting reading to have a baby, they fuss about the room like a little mama bird. and while i'm not expecting a little one anytime soon...i did like the idea of nesting; of preening and building and changing, finding a little string some left over tinfoil...or going to homesense or a wonderfully cheap thrift store (GBF). so i did what any normal girl would do; i googled nesting. and i found this blog. she is amazing! i like to think that she's like my own little martha stewart who loves tchotchkes just as much as i do. i like clever women. and this woman is that ten fold. go check her out. read some older posts. and then we'll go on a road trip to her neck of the woods because her yard sales and thrift store are so much better than ours, apparently. enjoy your nesting!