Friday, July 13, 2012

boston was wicked good

dad and i went to boston this summer for our annual daddy-daughter trip and it was wicked good (as the name of the post suggests...). i spent the week before had watching good will hunting (and other movies staring matt damon or ben affleck...) to prepare for the didn't really help, however i am now pretty proficient at the classic boston accent! (so in warning, some of my spelling might look wrong, but it's use's more fun that way...) dad is a big fan of the guided tour, so we took the orange and green trolleys around the city and learned so much more about boston than we would have just trucking ourselves! (look up the boston molassacre if you don't believe me)

we started our trip at fenway
(because sam adams was closed...go figure...
after an hour of trying to get there...can't wait
to see that cell phone bill...)

it was by far my favourite part of the entire trip!

dad actually volunteering to have his picture taken

i looked like a loon with my canon and cell taking pictures
but i was really digging the self portrait...

a rare gem, smiling with teeth and not looking crazy...

i love this picture

taken ironically as an inside joke,
but i love it!
and it's the only picture of the two of us!

on the harbah tour

the fence of the graveyard where sam adams,
paul revere and john hancock are buried

ol' ironsides

which sounds like machine gun fire,
it was terrifying...

sam adams summer ale
refreshing after a long day of walking!

dad and 'tecumsah'
at cheers

funny story, where dad's cell phone went off in the middle of the presentation
while it was in my backpack and i looked like an ass...

 harvard gates
'enter to grow in wisdom'

cemetery in salem

the only 'witch' to be pressed to death...
no thank you...

i think one of the trolley drivers said that there were like 45
dunkin' donuts in one square mile in boston,
which is the birthplace of the chain...


so, that was our trip in photos! we had a fantastic time (except for the drive home, which has made me hate being in cars...) and are already thinking of places to go next year!

Friday, July 06, 2012

a whirlwind of activities!

i guess i shouldn't complain about how busy i've been lately. however, it has left me with little time to devote to this here thingy. here is a quick update on the last month. i believe i've started to settle into a summer routine, but who knows!?!? not me, that's who...

the class i volunteer in went on a trip

one of the students saw me at walmart
(i was kinda excited)
and when i came into class the following week,
she had written about it in her journal!

we moved
sad face

the wolf pack stays together in spirit
or at least star wars figurine form

in the states for the 4th 

having a super time

him too!

no a/c? nbd

cutest man ever
(my grandpa...)


sooo that was my month. minus all the shitty parts like actually moving. and setting things up. and organizing (oh, the organizing...) and working. hopefully this is the start sharing all of my wonderful summer experience and activities!!