Monday, April 16, 2012

help me!!...

okay, so my dress has arrived (and it fits like a glove, thank goodness, because online shopping scares me when it comes to sizes and returns...) and today i ordered mr. brack a beautiful grey blazer from (on sale a-thank you) and a real cute pink spring-y tie from etsy ('is it pink?...cos i'm not wearing pink!').

minus the black jeans...the shirt is cute though

cute, vintage, seersucker...from brooklyn frock on etsy
(the picture is a link...)

i don't want us to be that couple that's all match-y match-y (which is what i'm afraid we're going to look like) but more of a cohesive look that 'goes' now you have to help me pick out shoes to go with my dress...

hello, sweetie...

first, the pinks...

these look fun and a little glitzy...
and like they'd hurt my feet all night

i love this rosy shade and the vintage look

these are just so prim and proper
i'm afraid they might be a little to casual

fun and casual and not too high!
and i love the coral

a fun pop of hot pink and coral
maybe too casual?

i think these would be very chic 
and the shade of pink wouldn't be too overpowering

i had to include these because they're so much fun 
and i love the bow detail

contrast with a little teal...

and they come in aqua! heart

casual yet funky in this beautiful shabby teal

cute contrast in cerulean blue
bonus: i already own these

and then neutrals...

i kinda really like these!!
they're really simple and cute
and i don't think they'd take away from the dress

these might be too casual
but the pink flowers are cute and flirty...

so there are the candidates...i don't know...i have my favourites, but i wanna know yours!! let me know in the comments or send me some links if you have a better idea! can't wait!!!

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