Wednesday, May 26, 2010

backdoor lamp

here is my newish back door lamp all put together!

that stud is my dad putting some finishing touches on the paint!

and awesome!
stay classy...

rom coms

last night i watched one of the most underrated movies of the 90's. housesitter starring steve martin and goldie hawn...

here is the plot in a nutshell:

newton davis (first of all, right off the bat, best name ever) proposes to his girlfriend becky by building her a beautiful house in the tiny hamlet of dobb's mill, which i believe is outside of boston somewhere. she turns him down which leads to davis sleeping with waitress/vagabond, gwen. gwen finds a sketch of the house and takes it upon herself to quit her job and move into the engagement ring. while in town, she convinces everyone that davis and her are married. however, when davis finds out he enlists gwen's help to win becky back. hilarity ensues, there is a slow motion fall/hug thing and davis and gwen aka jessica fall in love and build a house across the pond for the bums that pretended to be gwen's parents.

ok, this movie has some of the most funny steve martin moments i have ever seen.

shortly after this, davis pokes becky's boobies like 10 times...i'm looking for a clip to post

later, gwen tells a little lie to davis boss resulting in this little gem. watch, you'll laugh or pee...or maybe both. 

some of my fave quotes from this movie have followed me since high school when i believe a bunch of us watched this movie...i don't really remember...

  1. what are the hots?
  2. i slept with boomer bower?!?
  3. gwen do you get off and gwhere can we gwo?
and just for fun here is a clip with some sweet goldie hawn butt shots! enjoy...

bloomin' peony

tell me about it!
i have to go buy some peony plants!
like 20 or 30 or em...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

my peony

my friends mom said i could pick one of her beautiful peonies. i am so super stoked! here's the play by play

yea, that is totally a gin bottle...
but isn't the color beautiful!?!
and i got it free from work...sweet...

i wish i had smell-o-vision

i read a blog that said fresh flowers will 
brighten up your time spent at the sink!
i agree...

my dinner

let's talk about delish:

what do you get when you mix the following:
  • baby romaine
  • orange pepper
  • crasins
  • goats cheese
  • lightly seasoned croutons
  • greek feta vinaigrette 

a most yummy salad!
and even though i've heard you don't make friends with salad...
it looks like i made one!!

adventures at the GBF

today i went to my favorite thrift store: the grimsby benevolent fund! i love this freekin' place! i was first introduced to it by my good friend that surprises me with lovely little elephant and owl statues! at first i was worried because i only brought $17 with me. but, this is not your average thrift store. it's run by a lovely bunch of volunteers that don't actually have any idea what anything is worth! i know that sounds horrible, but everything is so cheep, that we buy it regardless of if we need it or not! then we just return a whole bunch of stuff the next time we make the journey to the grimsb... i needed some lamps and this is my go to lamp store. they're $5 each and come with a harp. then i go to homesense or walmart and buy a shade for under $20 and bob's your uncle. here are my finds today...

it might be hard to tell but this is a lamp for above the back door...
it was white, but i needed it to be black
so i spray painted it flat black
it was marked at $6 and i got it for $2
it was new and in the box all wrapped in plastic

my favorite purchase ever 
(well, for now at least...)
and i had that shade at home so bonus!

they're hand painted! i couldn't believe it!
$5 - a thank you...
and although you can't see it, the finial looks like a cream puff...

Monday, May 24, 2010


insane situation, irrationality (from Yiddish meshugas, from meshuge 'crazy')

Thursday, May 20, 2010

amateur photographers

i don't think it's necessary for anyone to put over 200 pictures of your recent vacation on facebook...lets edit a little, mkay...thanks

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i am a nester. sue me. i am constantly rearranging furniture. for me it's zen. i usually have a little hookie and then go to town. it's fun. my house is my sanctuary and it's the only place i feel i can truly be myself. heres the part where i show a bit of it off...

some of my elephants...
my friend and i scour the thrift shops for them and owls
sometimes she surprises me with little gifts like the yellow one seen here...

my cozy living room...please don't judge my twilight books...

some of my owls...

so i'm the biggest dork ever, but to me home is my favorite place; mostly because of this...

the worst possible time to call me

is between 9:30 and 10:30 because i'm sleeping or getting ready for needless to say thats when everyone calls me...thanks for nothing

sugar booger

maybe not the nicest sounding term of endearment, but i think it fits my pup to a tee. he may not be the brightest, and he may have eaten a lot of my shit, but he has a heart of gold. my dog is my co-pilot. 


experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person


a lover of words

folk folks

right now i can't get enough of folk rock music. i think it stems from my eternal longing to be a hippy. i just love the soulfulness and the simplicity of these gems because they are the closest thing to life that you get...they make you feel right down to your toes. so, emote. live vicariously through them, make a cup of tea and open a window.

little green by joni mitchell

you can close your eyes by linda ronstadt

reason to believe by tim harden

since you asked by judy collins

at seventeen by janis ian

all i know by art garfunkel

the wind by cat stevens

catch the wind by donovan

love is just a four letter word by joan baez