Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i love libraries!

one of my dreams in life (the others will surely be put on here at sometime or another...) is to have a library. i just want a room where the walls are covered by bookshelves. and maybe a fireplace... and a desk. i've hit a bit of a roadblock however. i've recently found the kindle and kobo apps on my iPad, which make getting a book sooo super easy. i mean, i bought stephen king's 11/22/63 at midnight the day it came out and started reading it that second. (technology blows my freaking mind...) this has slowed down my rate of consumption of tangible books. and it's funny because i don't know why i do this. i love the feeling of opening a new book. being careful not to bend the spine. and slowly, the pages in my right hand grow smaller. i love seeing the books all lined up on a shelf; those books that have been treasured many times looking a little worse for wear. (i even have my first copy of the stand in a shadow box, the pages all jagged and worn on the's practically falling i've retired it to a place of honour on my bedside table.) i wish you could buy a book with the option to also download a digital copy. i'd pay a few extra dollars for that luxury because i love the convenience of digital books and magazines. that way i can carry around all the books i'm reading compactly on my iPad to peruse at my leisure. i don't know where i was headed with this...sometimes when i talk about books, i can talk for are some examples of my dream library...

what a great use of space!

i basically just like the roundness of this room

gasp! secret door...also full of books

who has ceilings this tall?
i am so jealous...

in my house i only want spiral staircases

i'm afraid to do this because i don't want to
break up series

neat and tidy

i would also take a hallway full of books...

you don't need a lot of space to have a library

i'd sit in either of those cozy chairs
just put a cuppa on that side table for me...

if you wanna check out some more libraries i love and other book related things, check out my pinterest board...

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