Monday, January 09, 2012

thirfting thursday!

i am very proud of myself. this thursday i went to 6 thrift stores! i made out like a bandit too...not only was i able to get some cheap gas while in the grimsb, i also scored another babs album! don't hate the player...

my new globe, for mr. brack's dresser...

('why do you have to put your stuff on my dresser,' says mr. brack.
because i don't have any room left on mine, thats why...)

i was so excited i didn't even take of the 25 cent sticker...

i already have this green glass bowl.
it sits on my coffee table being all pretty filled with pinecones...
however, i've already broken it once, so i figured i'd
cover my odds...

and three new albums
$1 each!

some pretty green glass!
i have never seen one like this...
and my lemons that fell off my lemon tree
which i think is dying...

i've started to collect these paintings from the 70's
i just love them and at $8 they're a steal!

with the globe on mr. brack's desk

6 thrift stores, $40, and one afternoon! not too bad! i can't wait till tuesday when i journey down to port colborne for some more thrifting therapy!

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  1. Love this blog. So cute! I love port colbourne. Remember we went with Wendy years ago?