Thursday, January 19, 2012

my husband is the best!

since we've been together, because of his work, we haven't spent a valentines day together...not that i think thats a big deal, because valentines day can be kinda cheesy (but i do think it is a totally cute holiday, especially for kids...i even buy valentines day cards to give out at work...i'm a sap at heart really...). ever the gentleman that he is, i receive a nice big bouquet from him (even when he was overseas..). but this year, he topped the lot, let me tell you... i am now the proud owner of my very own TARDIS usb hub!! ah! i'm so excited, it's ridiculous. commence photo shoot...

how freaking cute!!!

when you plug something in, it lights up!

when you press the sign, this happens!!...

(please excuse my horrible videoing skills...)
ah! so amazing! 
best valentines day gift ever!!

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