Wednesday, January 04, 2012

i can't believe that just happened...

i'd like to start this post by thanking the awesome people at kitchen aid for packing their products so well. otherwise this story would have a horrible ending (imagine me in the bay, on my knees ripping my shirt open in agony a la stanley in streetcar named desire...)


a while back, i ordered my coveted stand mix from the bay with the gift cards we received at our wedding. i was very excited, so you can only understand the pure joy i felt this morning when they called me to say it had come in! i was so thrilled i danced every time i told someone about it! i rushed over to the big mall ( <3 kimmie) as soon as i was done work to pick up my precious... and even as i was walking toward the escalator i knew it was going to be a challenge. you know when you can see something happening and time starts to slow down and all you can do it gape in disbelief (or in my case yell in utter astonishment...)? this was my line of thinking... set the box on the escalator step and follow it down to the would have been nice if it had worked out that way... instead it caught the lip of the next stair and went sailing ass over tea kettle down the escalator, narrowly missing an old lady (i yelled something at her like OMG PLEASE WATCH OUT!). as i reached the bottom and knelt over my mangled box surrounded by obnoxious middle class women who have nothing better to do with their afternoon than tell me asinine cliches, ('at least you're ok' to which i replied 'i would have rather it was me that fell down the excavator, i can heal...')i prayed that everything was ok. when i opened the box everything was still neatly in place, so i hauled ass outta there and called my mom. first she gasped then she laughed at me (thanks mommy!). long story short, thanks to cora for the marble slab gift card which came in handy today!

also, the stand mixer works fine! i tried out all the bells and whistles when i got home. and that sucker is made of cast-iron or some shit, so i'm just surprised it didn't break the escalator...


  1. lol that is such a blonde moment. Im glad everyone and everything is ok! I love my kitchenaid, it is a miracle worker!

  2. I would be so upset if something was broken! BTW I am jealous of your mixer...I dream of a having a pink one one day.... :)

  3. i was absolutely mortified!! and i'm so excited that we could afford one after everything is said in done!! xo