Tuesday, January 03, 2012

the brick.a.brack's take new york...

mr. brack and i recently took a mini honeymoon to nyc. we we're going to go somewhere warm, but for some strange reason i like doing 'stuff' on my vacations (and always comment that i need to take a vacation after my vacation in order to relax...i do this to myself...). let me start off by saying that i am NOT A GOOD FLYER. at all. you can ask mr. brack; i cried when we hit turbulence and offered to not only pay for a rental car but to drive the whole 8 hours home...it didn't help that our plane was a glorified bus with propellers (and two spanish families that kept yelling at their toddlers, in spanish..their names were Martin and Sebastian [it sounds funnier when said out loud, so just ask me to do my impression when you see me, i'll happily oblige..], which prompted me to call mr. brack esteban all week...hilarious!)

this one is for the ladies at work...
it is possible to put 1000 sugar packs in a bowl...

mr. brack in times square

times square station
pretty mosaics in the dirtiest place in the world...

ah, the seventies...

it was super foggy the day we went to liberty and ellis island...
you couldn't see the statue of liberty from battery park...
this is the sky line...pretty creepy and fantastic!

hey girl!
of course they were doing work on lady liberty,
but it takes a lot for a 126 year old woman to look this good..

thanks to the lovely irish couple for taking our picture

i love these things!

don't judge me...there'll be more...


at ellis island...just a taste of the paraphernalia from a more simple time... 

(and on a whovian note, looks like the face of boe, what?!?!)

so foggy at the top of the empire state building!
(mr. brack isn't afraid of anything, and even he said his palms were sweating...)

how cute are we?


esb from the ground

top of the rock


strawberry fields...i hated how touristy i felt taking this picture!

best pizza ever at grimaldi's under the brooklyn bridge

this highlight of my trip!
walking the brooklyn bridge!
just amazing!


5th ave branch of the public library

man with a cat on his head

mr. brack at grand central terminal

and so concludes our tour of new york city! it's such a big place, we could go back 50 times and still not see all of it!

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