Thursday, April 05, 2012

let's play a game called what's in my purse...

i've seen other bloggers do this and i thought i'd give it a try...basically I'm practicing my photog skills, so check it out!

well, here it is in all of it's glory...
my purse is from's the most expensive thing i've ever bought myself...people are always telling me how 'me' it is...

* my passport..incase i need to jet to the states
* a composition book from todays lecture
* my pretty pink wallet
* my overflowing coin purse and the change i found               at the bottom of my a waitress i get a lot of change
* yummy easter rolos
* free song and app cards from starbucks
* my phone and pretty wrapped headphones for listening to tunes

* allergy pills (love spring!)
* ibuprofen...just incases
* a hair tie and clippy for my bangs
* various writing media (including a lepen for notes)
* glysomed for cracked skin (it's still kind wintery)
* my cute wayfarers and cuter case

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