Friday, April 06, 2012

please bring me spring: a playlist

the weather has been so bipolar (pun intended) lately; scorching heat, snow, thunderstorms... that i needed something to keep myself upbeat and positive. so, i've been listening to tons of great new music and i thought it was about time i let you listen to great music, too. (and i wanted to enlighten all of you as to way i've started using the word 'dope' again) (i realize that some of these songs are old music, but to me it's new...)

without you by lana del ray

ok, so i have a huge girl crush on lana del ray (is that in california?) right now... her music is such a great mixture of themes and genres ... it's like folk-indie- hip hop-amazingness ... and she call a boy dope so greatest song ever

miracle by matisyahu

so yes, this song is about hanukkah, and while i'm not a jew or religious (let's go with's complicated) this song just holds a great message in general. it's so positive and uplifting and kinda infectious...

tongue tied by grouplove

such a fun pop song...has a great driving beat, just makes you wanna move...and if mel dawe likes it than it must be good


i don't have any idea what this song is about only that they just keep saying sail over and over again. but the music is creepy and amazing.

(so, i just looked up the lyrics and they are very dark and compliment the music perfectly...a song with a very strong message)

disappear by beyonce 
(the artist, not mr. brack, because now we're married...

i downloaded the song specifically because it was co-written by hugo and i like beyonce's mellow stuff a lot because her voice is just so beautiful and etherial...

some nights by fun.

this song is so much fun! the tribal pound of the drums mixed with a bit of electro. it kind of reminds me of home for a rest by spirit of the west in that it feels like the perfect ending of something...a culmination 

fette's vette by mc chris

i love this because it's about star wars and it features the imperial march and it was in zack and miri make a porno

(also, this is the worst screenshot ever...i'm sorry)

hold me up by live

okay, so this song is from a b-side that was never released or something so you can't find a good copy of it anywhere but...i just love's classic live but has such a pretty melody

(i'm sorry but this is also from zack and miri make a porno...)

zou bisou, bisou by jessica pare

it's fun, it annoys mr brack when i sing it (because i only know the zoo bisou, bisou part) and it's from mad men

china girl by david bowie

just love all of it...especially after seeing how lo-fi this music video is

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