Wednesday, April 04, 2012

everywhere, lip balm

for the first time in history i finished a lip balm. i couldn't even believe it. i exclaimed out loud and let me tell you the girls at work were impressed! part of the reason this never happened is because i would always loose the stupid thing before i could use it all. now that i'm a grown up and i have a somewhat disposable income (especially for things like lip gloss...) i've started buying in bulk. my two favourites are smith's minted rose lip balm (which i get whenever i'm near a sephora) and burt's bees honey lip balm (which you can buy pretty much anywhere...)(or click on the names because i've made them links to buy online...)

in my make up bowl

in my desk

in this random bowl where i keep dead batteries, gym membership cards, paint can openers
and random writing utensils...

in the teacup on my bedside table

*note: i also have one in my purse, in my pouch at work, and in my travel make up bag...just incase! 

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