Sunday, October 30, 2011


um, so i found this website called pinterest. i'd come across it once or twice before while stumbling and thought it was cool, but didn't give it two blinks. then one day while going through dozens of saved links in my bookmarks files, i thought to myself 'there has to be an easier way!' enter pinterest. this site is my new best friend. not only does it store great ideas by easy to find picture tabs, you can organize them by category. you can also search and follow other pinners boards for cool ideas.
now, i have an actual binder full of pages i've ripped out of various magazines organized by topic, but it's just such a pain in the butt! not only is it awkward to find something because you have to leaf through a whole bunch of papers, but it takes up so much space!
i've had a change of heart recently, and i've come to learn that less is more. while i love having rows of books lining my shelves, my iPad makes reading, transporting and buying books so much easier! also, i've traded in my print magazines for digital versions (and let me tell ya, they are much more cool than print...they have interactive pages and videos plus you can bookmark pages to glance at later!) and while i love watching movies, my dvd's take up 4 dresser drawers and a bookshelf. so i'm downsizing...moving the dvd's to binders, and renting or buying movies from iTunes. plus netflix is my new favourite thing (it's amazing for whole tv series and old movies...and there's an app for it so i can watch as many movies as i want on the ol' iPad!!)
ok, long story short here people, pinterest is amazing! check it out for your self!

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