Monday, October 31, 2011


i have a dream to be like martha stewart one day. well, without the insider trading. just saying. i'm too honest and poor to pull any of that crap. it's just that i really enjoy etiquette and manners (even if i don't always follow them to a t...) i enjoy writing thank you notes, and while i'm all for technology, i still love the thrill of getting letter in the mail, handwritten and addressed, well warn from it's travel. sending out my wedding invites was probably my favourite part of the whole planning process. (it was because of them that i fell in love with lepens!) my new favourite, martha stewart inspired endeavour is gift wrapping! i just love all the clever ways you can wrap a gift. it's like getting a present before getting a present! here are a few of my favourites...

scan old pictures onto white paper
so personal so cute!

little bit of glue
little bit of paper dots!

great for christmas!
you could even colour code by person...
plus i love the simplicity...
kraft paper has always been my go to

i love the circulation cards!
i have a library kit with a date stamp and everything
i might switch it up with some air mail twine!
so great for giving books...

what a great idea!
a great recycle for old papers!

so easy, i can do it! 
and no need to buy gift tags!

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