Monday, October 17, 2011

the wonderfulness that is lepen

i have a new love...i have never loved any inanimate object this much...

lepen + me = happily writing forever and ever

lookit all the colours!
most of them sound very generic, but i prefer to use colours like 
oriental blue and amethyst...

i am a pen junky...i'm not going to show you the box full of retired pens that sit forever shunned in my bottom craft drawer (hey, you never know when you could need a pen thats subpar). i used to be a hands down crystal bic girl, but the first time i wrote with a lepen i learned the err of my ways. all of the wedding magazines told me that in order to make the thank you letter writing experience more enjoyable i should get a nice pen to write them with. lo and behold when i was buying thank you cards the store carried lepens (in a side note i had just ordered a starter pack from that morning, but they didn't arrive till about a month later...) so i bought a couple in black and lets just say i have since worn them both out! not to get too technical on ya'll but they are the perfect diameter, length and weight to write comfortably and you don't have to exert a lot of pressure to get a nice neat line. 

i'm just sayin...

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