Thursday, June 07, 2012

wedding soul mates

sometimes when i'm on pinterest, i notice how much i have in common with other pinners and i just know if we met in real life, we'd be best friends. creepy enough for ya?...awesome. anyways...that's how i felt when i walked into mr. brack's cousin's wedding! i was that lunatic that walkes around all night with her phone in front of her face. just be glad i didn't bring the big guns...then it would have become all kinds of annoying and embarrassing (for me, because there were professional photographers there, and for my family, because i would be THAT relative...)

i just love the simplicity of fresh cut flowers
in beautiful, mismatched vases...

no, thank you...
more to come on this later

all the white, and then the gold chiavari chairs
elegant and simple

paper frigging straws

italian lemon beverage

why not relax by the lake?

not to take away from the beautiful wedding
ceremony, but this kid (lonely little jude...) gave the greatest
face through the whole ceremony

just type out your message on this awesome
vintage typewriter...
done and done

don't get me started on the desserts 

a whole tree of macaroons!

the best flavours were:
slated caramel
chocolate & orange
in that order

yeah, that's me

melt my heart

also those are now my favourite shoes ever
and that's mr. brack on the beach
checking the temperature of the water...

"it's kinda warm..."

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