Wednesday, May 09, 2012

going grey

i'm not going to lie, when i found my first grey hair i was mortified. when my hairdresser mentioned it, i was a little embarrassed. now i keep noticing more and more, lightly tinting my natural auburn (i believe it's auburn...) hair at my temples and a one inch section opposite my part...i've been dying my hair for as long as i can remember and i've been every colour under the sun. i can't even count how many times i've told a hairdresser to never let me dye my hair this or that colour ever again (and inevitably doing it anyway...). lately i've been contemplating just letting it grow out. i know, sounds crazy. i think i might be (and so does mr. brack). i'm just so sick of all the upkeep and i very rarely get my colour done. but it's exhausting. and for what? to spend money? to look attractive? i think i might be done with the whole thing! gasp. shock. i'm not the only crazy though. apparently it's like in or something. perfectly sane youngins like me are voluntarily dying their melanin rich hair shades of grey! (don't get any ideas here ladies, this is a family blog...) so, i guess here goes...i can't guarantee i won't renege on this in a month or so. but that's the beauty of it.

i can't tell if this is photoshopped, but
the grey doesn't take away from her youthfulness

this is sarah harris, who is 31, and works for vogue
and who rocks grey hair...

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  1. I have to choose between chemical straightening or dying my hair. I am going grey around the temples too and my (49 yr old) best friend (who dyes her hair blonde!!) keeps telling me I need to dye mine. At the moment, I'm colour free and also curly, trying to make a decision as to what to do next. Thinking, thinking... I applaud you Bri, do what makes you feel happy and sexy!