Monday, May 07, 2012

adventures in antiquing: my lovelies

sorry i made you all wait the whole weekend to see my haul! i hope it was worth it for you! i truly enjoy having these lovely items in my home...

my aunt cathy said cardinals bring creativity and insight
so i hung it over my desk hoping it will bring a little to my studies
at least it will perk me up if i'm feeling a little blue

i love reading vintage postcards
the pictures sometimes make me laugh...
who would send a picture of oil fields in texas
people in the 50's thats who
it makes me want to send more postcards
maybe one day someone will buy one of mine
and display it in their home...

this one is from a lady named eva to her friend
helene gorges in rochester, ny
(not to be creepy but i looked her up and she was real!
i couldn't find the address but i did find her date of birth and
death; june 10, 1903 - nov 2, 1992)

the post mark says july 25, 1939
holyoke, mass.

just a simple little message
i feel a collection coming on...
so much joy for only $1

right now this beautiful old farming (?) basket
holds my knapsack and scarves
i imagine it used to collect fresh veggies from the garden
or maybe some fresh eggs
(still warm from the chicken's my papas would say)

this piece deserves three pictures

i don't know if it's 'worth' anything
but to me it's worth some delicious, freshly reamed

in all it's glory

and lastly this beautiful venetian painting
it came as a pair but the other needs a little tlc
i could never paint anything like this
and i love the way it adds a little personality to my home
it's not something that is mass produced
(ahhh...another collection has begun)

the thing i love about thrifting and antiquing is the story an item has; who owned it before, where was it displayed/ used/ loved? i'm all for buying new (mattresses and couches are a must for me...unless i know who's giving it to me...basically if i can't throw it in the washer or reupholster it...) but i love that my home is a reflection of myself and my family. new pieces make new stories and old pieces finding their place in my life. mr. brack always gives me a hard time about getting rid of furniture (i.e.. my beautiful midcentury dresser that houses my tv etc.) but i think it's more beautiful than anything i could get at ikea or stoney creek furniture or wherever...

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