Wednesday, May 26, 2010

rom coms

last night i watched one of the most underrated movies of the 90's. housesitter starring steve martin and goldie hawn...

here is the plot in a nutshell:

newton davis (first of all, right off the bat, best name ever) proposes to his girlfriend becky by building her a beautiful house in the tiny hamlet of dobb's mill, which i believe is outside of boston somewhere. she turns him down which leads to davis sleeping with waitress/vagabond, gwen. gwen finds a sketch of the house and takes it upon herself to quit her job and move into the engagement ring. while in town, she convinces everyone that davis and her are married. however, when davis finds out he enlists gwen's help to win becky back. hilarity ensues, there is a slow motion fall/hug thing and davis and gwen aka jessica fall in love and build a house across the pond for the bums that pretended to be gwen's parents.

ok, this movie has some of the most funny steve martin moments i have ever seen.

shortly after this, davis pokes becky's boobies like 10 times...i'm looking for a clip to post

later, gwen tells a little lie to davis boss resulting in this little gem. watch, you'll laugh or pee...or maybe both. 

some of my fave quotes from this movie have followed me since high school when i believe a bunch of us watched this movie...i don't really remember...

  1. what are the hots?
  2. i slept with boomer bower?!?
  3. gwen do you get off and gwhere can we gwo?
and just for fun here is a clip with some sweet goldie hawn butt shots! enjoy...

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