Tuesday, May 25, 2010

adventures at the GBF

today i went to my favorite thrift store: the grimsby benevolent fund! i love this freekin' place! i was first introduced to it by my good friend that surprises me with lovely little elephant and owl statues! at first i was worried because i only brought $17 with me. but, this is not your average thrift store. it's run by a lovely bunch of volunteers that don't actually have any idea what anything is worth! i know that sounds horrible, but everything is so cheep, that we buy it regardless of if we need it or not! then we just return a whole bunch of stuff the next time we make the journey to the grimsb... i needed some lamps and this is my go to lamp store. they're $5 each and come with a harp. then i go to homesense or walmart and buy a shade for under $20 and bob's your uncle. here are my finds today...

it might be hard to tell but this is a lamp for above the back door...
it was white, but i needed it to be black
so i spray painted it flat black
it was marked at $6 and i got it for $2
it was new and in the box all wrapped in plastic

my favorite purchase ever 
(well, for now at least...)
and i had that shade at home so bonus!

they're hand painted! i couldn't believe it!
$5 - a thank you...
and although you can't see it, the finial looks like a cream puff...

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