Wednesday, January 09, 2013

new years with the brick a bracks

last new years was kinda anti-climactic. dinner with friends. attempting to stay up till midnight. blah. this year the work gods smiled down on me and i was awarded for all my hard work (watch it...) with three days off! cue choirs of angels singing... so we went to mr. brack's family's cottage in Ellicotteville, NY! it was such a lovely vacation filled with sleeping late, staying in pjs all day, learning to froth milk for hot chocolates, catching up on movies, and playing in the snow! and since we had to cross the boarder, we had no access to wifi or cell phones! i highly recommend that everyone has an electronics holiday every now and then (she says to the people reading her blog on the interwebs...)!

road trip time!
this dog lives the life
being chauffeured to and fro...

i promise he'll smile at some point in these photos

so beautiful!

and relaxing


watching dad shovel...
i was in charge of the broom...
i was a very important part of this whole process

throwing snow...

murf dog


why do you have to take my picture?
because i said so that's why

my lovely mother in law
yelling at us or something...

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