Friday, July 06, 2012

a whirlwind of activities!

i guess i shouldn't complain about how busy i've been lately. however, it has left me with little time to devote to this here thingy. here is a quick update on the last month. i believe i've started to settle into a summer routine, but who knows!?!? not me, that's who...

the class i volunteer in went on a trip

one of the students saw me at walmart
(i was kinda excited)
and when i came into class the following week,
she had written about it in her journal!

we moved
sad face

the wolf pack stays together in spirit
or at least star wars figurine form

in the states for the 4th 

having a super time

him too!

no a/c? nbd

cutest man ever
(my grandpa...)


sooo that was my month. minus all the shitty parts like actually moving. and setting things up. and organizing (oh, the organizing...) and working. hopefully this is the start sharing all of my wonderful summer experience and activities!!

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