Friday, May 11, 2012

leslie's map

i've been sitting on this story for a while. i'm sorry. i just wanted to do it justice! so, leslie is a lovely lady that i work with who shares my thrifting and repurposing passion. this just goes to show you that with a little imagination an old, unused, family treasure can have a new life with a little elbow grease and some thrift store frames.

the map was in her boyfriend's parents garage
hung on the wall behind some ladders and other yard equipment

it was in pretty rough shape

so they had to carefully cut it down off the wall

i can't believe she found such beautiful frames
at thrift stores! must find out where she goes...

skilled workers hanging the new found artwork

the imperfections give it great character
and just think of the story that it has

something old gives charm to this beautiful new home!
thanks leslie!

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