Friday, March 30, 2012

the monotonous task of organizing my music

for this of you that don't know me, i heart music. in a big way. i sing 98% of my day. even when i'm working. my guests think i'm hilarious...(i'm a waitress. cheeky monkey) so basically for the last, oh i don't know, 5 years, i've been trying to genre-ize my music folder. however, since i am weird, i am trying to categorize everything by decade (well, everything except vocal jazz, country, folk, singer/songwriter stuff...) ok, basically it goes like this: each decade is divided into pop or rock. now i realize that there could be some discrepancies here, but to me it all make perfect sense. let me demonstrate:

first of all, please disregard the fact that i'm listening to the backstreet boys...
sometimes you just gotta...
here are a few examples of what i consider 90's pop
firstly, michael jackson and madonna, artists that span many decades are 
constantly reinventing themselves, so 90's mj sounds very different from 80's mj
(also in this case, he looks very different...although you could say that for madonna too i.e. the whole ray of light/asian/yoga/kabalah whatever...but i digress...and hopeful you see my point...)

now when i'm in the mood for some 90's music, i might want the poppy sounds of billie piper or merril bainbridge...i might not be jonesin for say a nice round of tubthumping

or maybe i wanna listen to some doobies, but i don't want to hear the incessant whine of michael macdonald...i can conveniently get rid of that stuff from the 80's.


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