Monday, December 26, 2011


mr. brack and i have been doing some christmas cleaning...i'm exhausted! but we had to make room for all of our new swag we received for christmas from our wonderful families and the junk we bought in nyc (post to come later...i promise!) we share a cozy, little house with my dad and our malamute and me being the pack rat that i am, i have to come up with some pretty creative organizational ideas. so right now we're in the process of making a closet, moving some hooks, moving dvd's to drawers and books and records to shelves etc etc...on to the point. apparently, i love barbra streisand! while cataloguing my ever growing record library, i came to realize that i own NINE BARBRA STREISAND RECORDS!!! mr. brack laughed at me...whatever...i'm totally ok with this. in fact i think i'm going to try to get all of them!

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