Friday, December 09, 2011

music rut

lately i have been having the most difficult time getting into new music. i can't seem to find something to really cling on to. it's driving me absolutely bananas! here are the few that i can tolerate for a few goes around...enjoy!

call your girlfriend by robyn

one day i got a text from my thrifty friend, mel.
she told me to download this song.
so i did, while on route to work.
i listened to it in the car.

this is an a capella version of the robyn song...
equally amazing...

with ur love by cher lloyd ft. mike posner

from a girl who didn't even place top 3 in the uk's x factor
her debut album is a good listen all the way through
this is my fave...i'm attempting to learn all the words so i don't look like an
idiot when i sing along in the car...

paradise by coldplay

there's just something about the instrumentation of this song that 
grabs's kinda ethereal and i like it
i'm not going to lie...i haven't been the biggest coldplay fan since rush of blood to the head...
this makes me love them again
and takes me back to high school

rumour has it/ someone like you by the trouble tones (glee)

repeat repeat repeat
i can't even believe how well these songs were mashed up!
the perfect pairing
and amber riley and naya rivera absolutely kill!

something's coming by blaine anderson (glee)

this song kinda makes me feel optimistic...
i've seen the musical, i know what happens...
but darren criss just sounds so full of hope
it gives me the shivers! love love love

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