Saturday, October 15, 2011

the yumminess of dutch apple cake!

so, i like to think i'm a pretty good little baker...everyone tells me that my product is yummy, but i'd say the same thing to someone giving me free dessert...every thanksgiving, i try to make something new to bring to my moms house for dessert. she does a big to-do every year (20 ish people, two or three long banquet tables, they've even bought their own tables and chairs for this occasion...) last year i tried a great recipe from the barefoot contessa (check out this link to a past post, which in turn has the link for the pumpcakes...) this year it was a dutch apple cake with caramel glaze. two words: amaze- ing! at first i was a little nervous as the batter is very thick, but it all works itself out in the oven! also, i have to perfect my caramel making skillz...

sorry about the awful colouring, and lack of pictures...
i'll tell ya all about it soon!
bon app├ętit!

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