Saturday, April 16, 2011


i have this new thing for teacups. i can't explain it. it might be because i have a slight obsession with the upcoming royal nuptials. maybe. but i just love em! i can't get enough! i buy a few every time i go thrifting. i don't use them to drink from, i just put stuff in 'em.

uh, no comment...

on my bedside table...i classed it up for the internet...

one for pens...the cup is royal albert the plate doesn't match...

there was a whole set of these with plates and
everything, i might go back a stock up.
for now it'll hold paperclips...

i also have my eye on some classy ones straight from jolly old england. i'm slightly obsessed with a particular pattern called polka rose. it's from the 1930's by royal albert. 

it's just so dainty! 
i don't think i would ever use it
unless the queen came for tea
but then again...

then there are some beautiful starter sets that i'd like to get my paws on. they're a retrospective of the 20th century by royal albert. i just love the way you can see the style progress from decade to decade!



pinkie's up!

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