Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the most purplest bench you ever did see

i'm the worst blogger ever let me tell ya. i have all these projects on the go but i always forget to take 'before' pictures... i bought an old piano bench from value village a week ago (for $3.99!) it was horribly 70's. light wood and a brown plastically, pleatherish cover. let's just say my dad liked it, and when i told him my plans for it he asked me why we couldn't just leave things alone. i don't know who he meant by 'we', but i'm assuming he means women in general because we're always screwing around with things. so, i bought some spray paint in a glossy grape, and i had some ideas for the seat cover. i've been in love with amy butler fabric for as long as i've know what amy butler fabric was (about a year...) and i knew it had the right pizzazz for this little project. let me tell ya how freaking stoked i am about this bench! it's the brightest thing i've ever created but somehow it fits in with everything else!

isn't it the purplest!
 and i drove all the way to ottawa st. for the fabric

it doesn't quite fit under the table,
but i still love it!


  1. YAY Miss Brick!! I knew you would come blogging back to this site. Your the best blogger ever!! Your other site is CRAP. BOOO EARNS!!!!

  2. We... We... Lol. I like how you can take something and re-invent it. I love the purple! (And so does Lainie :). I'm with Mr. Brack... I like this site better too!