Monday, February 21, 2011

my new office

so, i've turned a closet into an office. i know, that sounds crazy but it was really the best use of the space. this way i have all of my 'office stuff' corralled in the same place. i got the inspiration from real simple or martha stewart (i can't remember...). with a little help from my dad it's turned out pretty swell!

i love the way pencils look all gathered together!
and this is my new pitcher from homesense...
i love the details 
and the white against the wall colour

my new globe!
it doesn't turn (because it broke and my arm isn't long enough 
to fix it!)
and it lists russia as the ussr
but it lights up real pretty like!

all together!
(please pardon the awful lighting)

i really like the way it all worked out. and it didn't cost me a thing! 

ps. thanks to kim for the shelves...

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  1. You are ever so welcome Bri :) Your office looks fabulous! Amazing ideas! You have a gift <3