Sunday, October 24, 2010

i wanna turntable...

on one fateful trip to the benev, i bought some records. they were a dollar each. i got john denver's rocky mountain high, bob seager's night moves and vera lynn's greatest hits. i like the way they look on my hutch nestled beside my favorite lamp. it also makes me feel like a hipster...the only problem is: i don't have a record player. so i looked online to see how much they are, and the answer isn't too bad. or i'm sure i can find one at the benev or a garage sale. anywho, i googled record players and turntables and i'm not going to lie, i was surprised by what i found. apparently, back in the 40's and 50's girls just sprawled provocatively on the floor while talking on the telephone and listening to records, sometimes they're completely naked. sounds like a blast. the link is posted for you, mr. brack. here are some of the good ones.

this is a lovely turntable available at

this table is also available from
don't they look lovely together...swoon...

once i get a record player, i'll be the most
popular girl in school!

this just looks dangerous

how sexy i can be if i listen to records

and again...<3 brigitte bardot

i just love this chicks expression!

now that i've been exposed to the practical and sexy ways of the turntable, i don't think i'll be able to survive without one...

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