Thursday, September 09, 2010

my brothers room...

when my brother passed away, we decided to change his room into a memorial/guest room/office thing. i can't really think of much else to say about it, so i'll show you some pictures!

i love this colour! it's called fleecy blue. 
my dad said it looked too electric...pfft...


my desk, for schoolin' and stuff...
imagine a nice mirror or picture over it...


i painted the closet and stuck the tv in there
i am a genius! 


i <3 my laurel and hardy figurines...
a gift from bill, a regular at work!


my glass collection! 
don't judge...


an owl from my mom!
it's literally her in owl form
and my brother at his prom xo

new day bed! awesome!
and a mattress from kimmie will make it complete!
thank goodness for her!


that brings the lamp count to 3 in this room!
awesome, but i'm sure i can do better!


  1. It's like a tiffany box :) I love the colour! I love your design ideas! I love you! (it says anonymous says... but this is Kim)

  2. Okay, so it put my name... now I look silly. But seriously, I LOVE the room! You did a fantastic job!

  3. Bri, you've got talent. Probably don't remember me but our Dad's are friends. Randomly stumbled on your blog the other day. Love the fleecy blue!

    My condolences as well.
    Chelsea Freeman