Monday, August 16, 2010

to do list...

i need to find things to keep me busy that don't cost a lot of money... i've pretty much nested the crap out of my bedroom..there is almost too much stuff in this one room and i have no other rooms avaliable to me to now i'm downsizing...

1. get rid of all your jesus magazines
I have so many O, real simple, and martha stewart not to mention house beautiful, traditional home, beter homes and gardens, country home, style at home...the list could go on forever...i need to simplify, downsize, scrapbook!!

2. write those thank you cards

it's almost been a month since our engagement party...need to get a move on...!!

3. post about my trip to washington

it's about half way there...just can't get into it!

4. work on my fitness

spend that spare time at the gym! read, watch golden girls, listen to some katy perry...

5. work more

it can't hurt! i have so much stuff coming up in the next year: school, weddings and houses, oh my! bank it, you never know when you'll need it!

6. hang out with friends and family

at home, have fires, watch movies, smoke a couple and weed wednesdays...

7. de-clutter

get rid of that shit thats just sitting around! find it a home: garbage, goodwill, put it in a box for my dream house..whatever!

phew...that's a pretty good list for just off the top of my head!

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