Tuesday, August 17, 2010

gbf strikes again...

so, i went to my favorite store yesterday to buy a frame for a poster a bought while on vacation in dc. i made out pretty well as usual. they were having a sale (basically giving stuff away...for free...well 25 cents!) so thank you benev for letting me buy an arm full of stuff for $12.75...keep the change...

my weapon of choice...in heirloom white.
the gun makes spray painting so easy!

i bought an ugly painting for $10 painted the pink frame with the aforementioned paint 
and bob's your uncle...

perfect! only i had no space left to hang her...poor old girl, hiding behind the door to my room.
if only i had some more space for all of my stuff *cough* mr. brack *cough*

$1 frame, a little scrap book paper, and a magnet. awesome!

i heart fun found crafts. just a little bit of paint and some imagination and you can make your space beautiful! what have you crafted lately? 

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